A community strategy

that can double your enrollees.

Pay only based on the enrollees we generated. No risk and guaranteed results.

Who wants to make a living by giving value but is now overwhelmed with many tasks

Cant maximize the community members and has low engagement

Wants to delegate massive tasks so you can scale faster

Distracted with marketing so you can't just focus on students

Did everything you could, but you want the result to be higher

Hired community managers before but doesn't convert well

Your quick guide to high engagements.




What's the purpose of my initial payment if this is result-based?

Based on our experience, 35% of clients will not invest their time to collaborate with us if money is not paid up front. They are less committed and just curious. This is an assurance that both parties are dedicated to this.

How much will you get per enrollee?

We did not include the percentage because we want it to be customized based on the number of students and the coaching price you had.

How long will it take for me to receive my ROI?

Our ideal timeline will be: 3 months of system building, followed by the launch of the course. Your initial payment is only $287, so I'm pretty confident that you can get it ASAP after you launch the course.

Am I qualified for the Guild Builder System?

If you got more than 300 students before and has 5k above community members, we are good to go! If not, you can still contact Eftherens, and they will recommend someone from their exclusive network.

What is your difference from other community strategists?

You will pay us based only in the results you gain. Plus Eftherens is a GenZ, can easily adapt digital marketing with high driven creativity. Focused on learning, so they will do everything to give you more enrollees.

Do you have a refund?

It takes time and effort to manage a team and create a system. If it doesn't work, we will give a report including the strategies we've tried that didn't work so you can avoid them. You save time and resources on that, so we can't do a refund.

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